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Many people live with mysterious conditions, unexplained pains and limitations which they have come to accept as normal.

BODY STRESS refers to the excessive tension which is stored in the different tissues, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Tissue compression results in irritation of the nerves in those areas. This could negatively impact the sending and receiving of nerve impulses thus affecting the body’s internal communication system.

We are all aware that stress is something we encounter on a daily basis. Stress helps us to grow, and without it life would be meaningless. Stress is what keeps us active, in shape, alert and aware of the need to improve. Stress is a positive thing when it helps us to propel ourselves forward in life. However, stress becomes negative when it begins to work against us.

Physical Stress

Low impact such as bad habits and lifestyle choices, or high impact such as sudden events.

Emotional Stress

Caused by anxiety, feelings of loss, boredom, depression, or by financial worries or health problems among others.

Chemical Stress

Caused by external factors such as pollution, insecticides, pesticides, or other chemical agents.

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Rosario Klahr

  • Biochemist – University of Sydney, Australia
  • BSR Practitioner – BSR Academy, UK
  • Member of the International Body Stress Release Association
  • Exclusive representative of the BSR Technique in Andorra (BSR, SLU)

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