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Welcome! I am so excited to share with you what I have in store! My passion to support you in reclaiming your natural right to health and vitality stems from my own journey. I am a mother of 3 children after overcoming 6 years of infertility. I gave birth to my second and third naturally and painlessly by applying the power of the mind and healing from the trauma of an unprepared first child delivery. I am pain free and enjoy a tremendous amount of vitality after a period of limping and recurrent lower back pain and spasms which lasted for 5 years.

Reclaiming my natural right to health and vitality took courage, determination, education and a solutions oriented attitude. Well meaning doctors and complementary health therapists tried to help me over the years to no avail until I met Juliet Perkin, my Body Stress Release practitioner in 2015. What I found in the last 5 years is far more powerful than any exogenous drug or palliative treatment I have ever undergone. I found that the inner ability to heal, both physically and mentally is the most amazing, simple and often misunderstood aspect of our life experience.

I have made a commitment to help those who want to feel empowered to make informed choices when it comes to stress management and the activation of neocortical control with particular emphasis on toning the parasympathetic nervous system. My background as a biochemist means that I can confidently relay complex scientific literature and make it available in simple, easy to understand language.

I have proven techniques that will assist you on your path to self-discovery: Body Stress Release for everybody, KGHypnobirthing for couples, and Perinatal massage for mothers and mothers to be, but most importantly I have a philosophy for sustained progress which you can see at work in my business and family life. I work in close collaboration with medical doctors, never in competition. Thank you for reading and feel free to book a complimentary chat to see how I can help you.