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Body Stress Release or BSR was founded in South Africa in 1981 by Gail and Ewald Meggersee who pioneered this life enhancing, non-manipulative technique. BSR has grown to include practitioners in 22 countries, 3 international associations and 2 training academies worldwide – this global growth is a testament to the success of the technique. For more information please visit www.bodystressrelease.com

A BSR practitioner is trained to detect physical signals and discover the patterns in which stress is stored in the different structures in the body. The client remains fully clothed during a session, he or she lies face down on a BSR couch and the practitioner then performs a series of muscle tests. Once the sites of stress have been mapped out and located, the practitioner performs a series of releases. This is done with a thumb or finger with a slight pressure or impulse. This initiates an organised sequence of messages to the brain, alerting it to the stored tension and encouraging the body’s self-repairing response. The session lasts approximately 40 minutes. The process is light but precise – the body doesn’t require a forceful stimulus to respond. As a result the BSR technique may be used across all ages and levels of health from the very young to the infirm.

As BSR is a process, initially three appointments are made for a new client. Then, depending on the body’s responses to the releases, the client is advised regarding follow-up appointments. During a consultation the practitioner takes the case history details, making notes of past accidents, fractures and operations, as well as establishing what the client is experiencing at present.

BSR stands squarely under the title ‘complementary’. It is a health-care profession that works alongside medicine, in co-operation, not in competition.  A BSR practitioner does not in any way diagnose or treat conditions, nor give advice on the process of a disease – that is the field of medicine.

Over the years many medical doctors have recommended their patients to BSR. BSR practitioners enjoy reciprocal relationships with GPs, surgeons and paediatricians, as well as physiotherapists, fitness coaches and psychologists. The BSR technique is finally established in Andorra with the mission to assist clients in releasing stored tension thus enabling them to optimise their current health and to prevent future injuries and discomfort.