I received BSR from Rosario for my chronic lower back issues. My back pain prior to starting the BSR was unbearable. After the first three treatments the tension I was holding onto dissipated and after the fifth treatment the pain and tension were completely gone and have not returned. I have been pain-free for 5 months now. I am very happy with the treatment, level of care and knowledge Rosario has and I would gladly recommend the BSR technique and SYO Centre.

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B.U. Ordino

Upon entering my third trimester of pregnancy, I was very much in need of massage. It was like a breath of fresh air to find Rosario.  Her groundness, spiritually, and passion for her massage work soaked into my body just where it was needed. I am very much looking forward to post natal work with Rosario to help me flourish as a healthy new mom.

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F.W. Arinsal

From the moment I first met Rosario, I could see the passion she has for BSR and feel her genuine desire to help people feel their best. After receiving BSR, not only did the tension I was holding in my lower back and shoulders go away, but the emotional tension also began to dissipate.

Today I  feel balanced, healthy and strong – physically and emotionally. I would not hesitate to recommend Rosario to anyone who is looking to take care of their physical and emotional body. SYO Centre is a very welcoming place, it feels as if you are walking into a friend’s house. The owner, Eugenia,  is a very warm person and always has a smile on her face. I look forward to every visit and am grateful for what Rosario and BSR was able to do to the quality of my life.

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A.U. Ordino

Within two sessions of beginning my treatment the chronic pain I have had in my hip for the last year and a half had eased so much that I found myself able to be me again. I could crawl round on the floor in horse play with my three year old, drop to my knees without hesitation to tend to a collapsed gentleman in a supermarket and perform Irish Dance with a wide and light-hearted grin. With each session the stress and tension my body has been accumulating and storing has been noticeably and effectively released.

The non-invasive nature of this therapy really appealed to me; Rosario is clearly very knowledgable and experienced in its application. She was very professional when explaining what the physical treatment involved (and the rationale behind the treatment) and was happy to answer any questions I had about what to expect to feel afterwards as my body attempted to heal itself. I continue to have maintenance sessions every few months to “re-set” my body stress clock but I, and my physicians, no longer consider that I need surgery. In short, BSR has enormously enhanced my state of mind and my physical body and continues to do so.

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S.W. La Cortinada

I usually visit Andorra to see my grandchildren. Last time I was there I started noticing my 9 year old grandson’s posture was not entirely desirable, and he was complaining of tension on his lower back and pain on his legs especially after a long day at school. Under a friend’s advise, my daughter took my grandson to see Rosario.

I was pleased and utterly surprised that after only one session he seemed a lot straighter. He continues to have BSR regularly, and I myself have started visiting Rosario also, whenever I am in town, I will be turning 80 next year, I enjoy the sessions very much, especially after that long bus ride from Barcelona.

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T.A. Ipswich